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Focus Markets Scheme:
  • Italy ( Tuscany / Liguria ) and the Mediterranean region

Real Estate Development and Investment Company
Our past projects and the lengthy experience of our team make us one of the most professional companies in the industry. Our team currently comprises more than 40 staff that possesses all of the skills needed to provide visionary and outstanding service for our clients. Our expertise is continuously enhanced through further training and the diverse fields of interest of our staff.

Investment Growth
Our annual growth and the consistent rise in return on investment speak for themselves. This combination of staff experience and vision for new developments, coupled with our drive for success constantly pushes us to develop further – this pays off for our clients.

Investment Policy
We want our investors and stakeholders to achieve the maximum return on their investment. This is why we valuate all our development possibilities with great care and devote a great deal of time to intensive market research. All of our developments are judged rigorously against all the following conditions.

Political / Legal / Market Research / Finance
If we feel that the location’s potential is unlikely to meet all of these key elements, then Beach Property will not proceed beyond the initial evaluation stage.

We may also enter into joint ventures from time to time, if we determine that doing so would be the most effective means of raising capital. Equity investments may be subject to existing mortgage financing and other indebtedness or such financing or indebtedness may be incurred in connection with acquiring properties, or a combination of these methods.Any such financing or indebtedness will have priority over our equity interest in such property.

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