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Based in UK, Switzerland, Mote Carlo and Italy, Beach Property Development Ltd. focuses primarily on the Mediterranean region and is engaged in development, construction, brokerage, sales and portfolio management. Our experienced management team offers fully-integrated, specialized and environment-friendly expertise in real estate, finance and law, marketing, media, merchandising, to assure best practice principles in the entire real estate value chain, guaranteeing the highest standards while adding value to every aspect of a property or project. Beach Property Development Ltd. is a strategic and financial holding company which does not have any banking operations.

Our strategy: taking a stake in healthy, debt-free, independent companies that are able to sustain themselves with our assistance and expertise. Our synergistic model focuses on the independence of each entity; we oppose the wholly integrated model or one in which various group companies ultimately are forced to provide labour to each other and do not generate profit Business.

Our added value: the broad scope of activities covered by our company allows us to have reliable partners for our own projects, to develop synergies between the various companies, and to expand our opportunities to increase our business contacts.

The future: Because of our experience, contact and unique structure, Beach Property is in a prime position to seize opportunities arising from future investments.

Our business plan is to purchase primarily commercial properties, including the land, on which, restaurants, clubs, hotels and other commercial ventures operate. We will then lease back each respective property we purchase to the business(es) who operate upon them, through double- and triple-net leases. Less frequently, we may also purchase income-producing multi-unit residential property, and turn management of such property to professional management firms. Our mission is to own a portfolio of properties which produce predictable revenues through the leasing of such properties to the existing tenants.

We conduct all of our real estate investment activities through either the corporation or our subsidiary, Beach Property Development Switzerland. Our investment objectives are to increase cash flow, maximize the value of our properties and acquire properties with cash flow growth potential. Our business is focused primarily on retail properties. We have not established a specific policy regarding the relative priority of our investment objectives. We currently look to lease any future properties we may acquire to our tenants pursuant to long-term triple-net leases which require the tenant to bear all of the costs associated with the property.

The preferred manner by which we intend to invest in equity real estate is to directly purchase the properties, using cash raised through private offerings. If we are unable to raise the entire amount of capital needed to directly purchase the entire property, we may employ leverage, as we describe in our "Financing Policies" subsection, below. Our preference is to purchase all the interest in one property and own it outright, rather than partially finance two properties, for example. 
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